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Sponsor and be involved in the community

As much as the community is there for you , you could be there for it ! No community stands by itself without involvement from his members be it donations, sponsorship, time, talents, connections etc...

it was like in Parachat Teruma where all klal Israel participated to build and bring about the Mishkan, some by donating gold and silver , copper, goat skins, spices and more some by working on the building itself etc..., this form a community as Hashem says , " and they will build me  a Mishkan (a dwelling place) and I will dwell in them "  Not in it , but in those that build it !

Lets continue to build a dwelling place for Hashem right next to Madison Square Garden and may He grants us to be dwelling amongst us !

sponsor, local members
sponsor, local members
Multiple Dates
Jul 19, 2024, 7:00 PM
New York
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