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EEIF  , en vosite au CCF NEW YORK beth chabad francais et francophone de NY

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Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Maitre et Mentor de R. MIkhael Cohen Directeur du Beth Chabad Francais et francophone CCF NEw York

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CCVL en visite au beth chabad francais et francophone CCF New York
CAEJ en visite au beth chabd francais & francophone CCF new York


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Chanuka is the best time of the year !

This year more than any other year , stand with us to spread the light over darkness and sponsor our programs! From A giant menorah in Front of Macys, to events for young professionals to Chanuka at French Consulate, distribution of Menorah Kits every night of Chanukah ! Be a part of it and be a generous sponsor! click below to sponsor

Allumage de Chanuka a Times squares par beth chabad francais et francophone, CCF NEw York

Chanuka: 1000+ kits !

Pesach : food Distribution

Distribution de manger par CCF New York, beth chabad francais et francophone de ny
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