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Benei adam, yochvé 'hochekh vétsalmavèt, assirei ‘oni ouvarzel, yotsiem me'hochekh vetsalmavet, oumosrotéhème yenatek. Evilim midérekh, pich’am oumé’avonotéheme yit’anou, kol okhel tétaev nafcham, vayaguiyou ad chaarei mavet. Vayiz’akou el ado-naï batsar lahem, mimétsoukoteihéme yochi’éme. Yichla'h devaro véyirpaème, vimalet mich'hitotam.yodou lado-naï ‘hasdo vénifleotav livnei adam. Im yech alav malakh mélits e'had mini alef léhaguid léadam yochro. Vaye’hounénou vayomer : pédaéhou méredét cha’hat matsati khofer.

On fait ensuite tourner le poulet trois fois au dessus de sa tête,

Les hommes disent :

Zeh 'halifati, zeh temourati, zeh kaparati, zeh hatarnegol yelekh lémita, vaani elekh le'haïm tovim aroukhim oulechalom.

Les femmes disent :

Zot 'halifati, zot temourati, zot kaparati, zot hatarnegolète telekh lémita, vaani elekh le'haïm tovim aroukhim oulechalom.

En utilisant de l’argent, hommes et femmes disent :

Zeh 'halifati, zeh temourati, zeh kaparati, zeh hakessef yelekh litsedaka, vaani elekh le'haïm tovim aroukhim oulechalom.

The Kapparot Ceremony with Money

When using money for kapparot – for the symbolic expiation

ceremony – it is the custom to give money in multiples of 18

(the numeric value of the word חי ,life), in any form of currency

(example: $18, $36, $54); but no less than the cost of a chicken.

This tzedakah money is then given to help the poor, before the start

of Yom Kippur. The common custom is to recite this in the early morning hours after selichot, during the hours of the early “watch.” But it can also be said anytime between Rosh haShanah and the morning before Yom Kippur if necessary. The following set of prayers should be recited entirely through.

First, we begin with the following paragraph; which is to be said with fervor, while holding the money in one's right hand:




Second, we recite this following paragraph. While holding the money in hand, waving it in a circle each time you reads the word זה : This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my expiation. This money shall go to charity, and I will go on to a good life and peace. ֶ Zeh chalifati, Zeh temurati, Zeh kaparti Zeh kesef yei'leych li'tzedakah, va'ani ei'ley'ch l'chai'im tov'im aruch'im ule'shalom. Repeat the ritual again, starting from the first paragraph. Reciting the entire order twice more, for a total of three (3) recitations. Finally, placing the money in the tzedakah box.


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